uture of cities is heading towards becoming a smart city, fueled by data. Smart cities are primarily focused on efficiency, predictability, and control (source). While human interactions are organic, spontaneous and unpredictable. Finding the balance of human and machine in this digital age is critically important.

As humans, we need a sense of belonging. To a place, to others, to a community (source). Building trust and social interactions is important. As the challenges of tomorrow are linked with sharing: space, food, transportation, we need to understand how humans connect and interact with each other.

What does it mean to be a human in a modern society?

Why are meaningful connections important? To ourselves, to others in our community, to our enviroment?

What are the tools we can give to the people to create a sense of agency in their own cities?

Challenge: How might we encourage two strangers of the same community to build a meaningful connection together?

If we want to tackle the global issues of today, we need to be in cohesion and create shared values and vision. So we want to make sure that the smart cities that we’re building today, tend to our human needs of building meaningful connections with each other and our community.