How can we make sure that technology doesn’t isolate people but rather give an opportunity for meaningful connections to happen?

Future of cities is heading towards becoming a smart city, fueled by data. Smart cities are primarily focused on efficiency, predictability, and control (source). While human interactions are organic, spontaneous and unpredictable. Finding the balance of human and machine in this digital age is critically important.

As humans, we need a sense of belonging. To a place, to others, to a community (source). Building trust and social interactions is important. As the challenges of tomorrow are linked with sharing: space, food, transportation, we need to understand how humans connect and interact with each other.

What is Capsule? 

Capsule is an interactive installation that aims to challenge people’s biases by connecting them with strangers in the same city. Capsule serves as an intermediary to help guide people in sharing experiences and memories.

At the end of the experience, the participants receive a scented fragrance which symbolizes the experience they had together. The end result is not only the interaction between the two people, but a shared moment that is encapsulated into a fragrance.

Who we are.

We are Tiffany Sun & Florence Grosse. Two designers interested in exploring meaningful connections, human interactions, and inspiring curiosity through play.

Florence Grosse

Tiffany Sun

We’re looking for collaborators, partnerships, and opportunities to work with people who are interested in our vision. 
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